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  Creative Worship for the Lutheran Parish, Series B, Quarter 2. Copyright © 2023 Concordia Publishing House; other music and streaming license used by permission:  CCLI License # 500626             The Other Songbook by Dave Anderson and The Fellowship Publications © 1984 & 1987.

Live-Stream TLC Worship 6.9.24

No Live-Stream 5.26.24 or 6.2.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship5.19.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship5.12.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship5.5.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship4.28.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship4.21.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship4.14.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship4.7.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship3.31.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship3.24.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship3.17.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship3.10.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship3.3.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship2.18.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship2.11.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship2.4.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship1.28.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship1.21.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship 1.14.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship1.7.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship12.31.24

Live-Stream TLC Worship12.25.23 10:00 am

Live-Stream TLC Worship12.24.23 9:00 pm

Live-Stream TLC Worship12.24.23 4:00 pm

Live-Stream TLC Worship12.24.23 10:30 am

Live-Stream TLC Worship12.17.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship12.10.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship12.3.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship11.26.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship11.19.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship11.12.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship11.5.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship10.29.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship10.22.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship10.15.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship10.8.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship10.1.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship9.24.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship9.17.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship9.10.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship9.3.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship8.27.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship8.20.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship8.13.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship8.6.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship7.30.23

Live-Stream TLC Worship7.23.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship7.16.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship7.9.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship7.2.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship6.25.23



Live-Stream TLCWorship6.04.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship5.28.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship5.21.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship5.14.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship5.7.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship4.30.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship4.23.23   

Live-Stream TLCWorship4.16.23   10:30 am

Live-Stream TLCWorship4.9.23   10:30 am 

Live-Stream  TLCWorship4.9.23   Sunrise 6:00 am

Live-Stream TLCWorship4.7.23  7:00 pm

Live-Stream TLCWorship4.7.23  Noon

Live-Stream TLCWorship4.6.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship4.2.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship3.29.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship3.26.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship3.19.22  

Live-Stream TLCWorship3.15.23  7pm

Live-Stream TLCWorship3.12.23 

Live-Stream TLCWorship3.1.23  7 pm

Live-Stream TLCWorship2.22.23 7 pm

Live-Stream TLCWorship2.22.23 Noon

Live-Stream TLCWorship2.19.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship2.12.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship2.5.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship1.29.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship1.22.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship1.15.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship1.8.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship1.1.23

Live-Stream TLCWorship12.25.22 

Live-Stream TLCWorship12.24.22 9:00 pm

Live-Stream TLCWorship12.24.22 4:00 pm

Live-Stream TLCWorship12.18.22

Live-Stream TLCWorship12.11.22

Live-Stream TLCWorship12.7.22 w/ The LaClaire's

Live-Stream TLCWorship12.4.22

Live-Stream TLCWorship11.30.22 Advent Midweek

Live-Stream TLCWorship11.27.22

Live-Stream TLCWorship11.23.22  Thanksgiving Eve

Live-Stream TLCWorship11.20.22

Live-Stream TLCWorship11.13.22

Live-Stream TLCWorship11.6.22

Live-Stream TLCWorship10.30.22

Live-Stream TLCWorship10.23.22

Live-Stream TLCWorship10.16.22

Live-Stream TLCWorship10.9.22

Live-Stream TLCWorship10.2.22


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Creative Worship for the Lutheran Parish, Series A, Quarter 1. 

Copyright © 2022 Concordia Publishing House.  All rights reserved. Used by permission. 

Other music and streaming used by permission: CCLI License # 500626.